About FLM GO

A brand created by 3 Dutchies, inspired by their beach life. We want to inspire surfy people with new clothing and also make the world a little better.

Our story

We’re three friends that met a long time ago in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. During the summer you can find us there for Fun, Love and Music, FLM GO! We call these times at the beach our so-called ‘beach sessions’. One afternoon the subject came on easy to wear and surfy clothing for a reasonable price. After some brainstorming the name FLM GO came to mind, since beach life and surfing have everything to do with Fun, Love and Music, don’t you agree? 

But we want to do more than make easy-to-wear clothes. We want to keep nature like it should be, we care about our environment and we love animals. That’s why we are so passionate about helping the lovely Orangutans in Borneo. Ever since we came eye to eye with these grand animals, during one of our travels, we fell in love with them. So with every sale we contribute to Orangutan Rescue Foundation so we can make their life a little better and more natural! Also look at our page about our friends in Borneo.

Our clothing is easy to wear, surfy, beachy and simple! Whether you’re travelling around the world or you just got out of the water after a surf session and want to wear a cool but comfy apparel, go for FLM GO!

See you at the beach!

Or at instagram: use #FLMGO to tag your photos or Facebook! You can also download our flyer.