We help the Orangutan Rescue Foundation

The orangutan is seriously threatened. Sadly their population decreases by a thousand every year. Because of widespread deforestation, the orangutans are vulnerable to poachers and this results in them losing their habitat. There are people and organisations that want to prevent this from happening. One of the organisations is the Orangutan Rescue Foundation.

Ever since we came eye to eye with these grand animals, during one of our travels, we fell in love with them. So with every item we sell we make a nice contribution to the Orangutan Rescue Foundation, so we can help make their life a little better and more natural!

What does the Orangutan Rescue Foundation do exactly?
The Orangutan Rescue Foundation protects the orangutans and their habitat in Borneo. The foundation does this in close cooperation with the local population and forestry and conservationist, Dr . Willie Smits.

In the Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) orangutans, which have been taken away by local authorities from rogue traders or from people who kept them as pets, are given shelter. The SOC take care of the animals and prepare them for placing them back in their natural environment.

Forest for practicing skills
Tembak Lestari is a rainforest of 58 hectares in West Kalimantan (Borneo) which the SOC uses as a forest for letting the orangutans practice necessary skills. Young orangutans who have not learned how to survive in the wild because of there captivity, are taught the necessary skills and knowledge.

If the orangutans have shown that they can survive in the wild and they know how to use all the necessary skills independently and sufficiently, they can be placed into the protected forest area. Here, they will still be watched at first, but eventually they will continue their lives in freedom. One of those protected forest areas is the Saranforest west of Tembak. Surrounding villages are working together to preserve and protect this forest.

Help the Orangutan Rescue by supporting the Sintang Orangutan Center. Become a sponsor or make a donation just like FLM GO does! Please take a look at their website. Or read the article about our cooperation on their website (only available in Dutch).